The ability to optimize growth conditions in a environment like a greenhouse or a growth chamber, can make a great impact on yield and overall health of plants. Remember, they to are living and do respond to climate variations...


By becoming semi-professional, growers can become more efficient while contributing to a sustainable environment.

  • On-line connected - Wifi & GSM (nano sim)
  • Open-source code
  • Touch-screen
  • Run´s on a solar cell (9-12v)
  • Control irregation, light, ventilation & heating
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, light level, Co2, pH, presure & earth water content.
  • Mobile application. It´s all connected.

Main Concept

Growbox is a product/community/learning portal. The concept started out as a tool for educational use. Now it's somewhere in between, since growing is a life long process.

The GROWBOX comes ready to install in your growth environment. After a quick setup you can access and control the system from anywhere. Depending on your ambitions for the growth environment, you can control irrigation, growth lights, heat, co2 level, ventilation etc.

Through the UI you will find a green online community. Here you will find inspiration, you may share knowledge or maybe seeds. The community comes with a good search engine, to make the knowledge of the entire community easy accessible.

The GROWBOX concept is a holistic concept. Our goal and mission is to bring the world in to a sustainable future, through a collective effort. We believe that education and a practical - hands on approach, can not only make every school sustainable, but also our society's. Lets grow together.

Let´s develop a sustainable future!

We are inviting you to become a tester and developer.



Portable growth chamber


Become a grower

Sustainable future

Online interactive


Coming soon!

The prototype is at work. Now we are testing and making adjustments. If you would like to join the development team - Join the community. We will ship out systems as soon as possible and the code is open-source.

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